Monday, July 6, 2015

La Boheme

Hello girls and boys,
Yes, I'm back today as well. You should get used to an ootd on a daily bases :D
Today I have a really magnificent look. Still somehow boho, but an artistic one. I see this dress from SheIn so fit for summer, for the beach, for a hot day outside, having a great fabric and everything...
I added my new statement necklace from Dresslink and as a touch of creativity, a beautiful heart & flowers temporary tattoo from TattooYou
The song that works so great with this look is a classic one that I love so much. I don't usually like French songs, but this is awesome

What I wore:
- SheIn dress ( find it here)
- Dresslink necklace ( find it here)
- Stradivarius sandals
- Sfera clutch
- TattooYou temporary heart&flower tattoo ( find it here)

So, hope you like the look and I can't wait to read your opinions on it tonight <3

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Looking back to where we came from...

Hello sweeties,
I would like to start by thanking you so much for all your kindness and support you have given me over the years. I grew with you, made myself more organised, more disciplined and also, I had the opportunity to meet so many great people (some of which are you, of course), really cultivated my style and tried new trends. Some of them good, some of them bad. But still it was a hell of a journey ! 
I hope to do so much more in the future and that I'll still have you as an audience, a lovely audience which I adore ! <3
And now, the part you've been waiting for, today's outfit :D
I know boho can go a bit boring for you right now seing that I did so many looks already, but the one for today has a lovely twist. I managed to integrate a more of a 90s influence if you can feel it... something more dark to say so.
My amazing kimono can be found at SheIn, and might I add, it's the "coup du coeur" for this month <3
I wanted to do some cool accessorising, something that you don't find on the market regularly. My cute bun pin comes from Kitsch, so does my temporary tattoos. The lovely necklace is from HLCollection and is indeed, a statement piece that I adore !

What I wore:
- SheIn kimono ( find it here)
- TOMTOP crochet top
- Bershka shorts
- Zara sandals
- D&G bag
- Kitsch bun pin ( find it here)
- HLCollection necklace ( find it here)
- Kitsch metallic tattoos (find them here)

So, how do you like the look?
Can't wait to read all your comments <3
If you love HL Collection, and I'm positive you don't have any reason not to,  I'm giving you this 10% discount code to shop on their site!
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Saturday, July 4, 2015


Hi guys,
I can tell you that I'm doing a big effort writing to you know as I feel my fingers will stick to the keyboard. Yes, it's that hot ! Brussels is burning these days and honestly, I would totally love to be beside a pool now rather than being stuck with so much work to do. I just have to suck it in until the 21st when I'll be finally have a few days off ! <3
Now, I did these photos early in the morning when it was still bearable cause now, even your skin feels too much to have on you lol !
I endured because of this amazing jumpsuit from CNDirect, because it's something that will make you endure plenty ! I matched it up with my Schutz sandals, and TOMTOP bag, added my Prada sunnies and off I went ! 

And as always, my fave tune to go with:

What I wore:
- CNDirect jumpsuit ( find it here)
- TOMTOP handbag ( find it here)
- Schutz sandals
- Prada minimal baroque sunglasses

So, this is my outfit proposition for today. How about it ?
Would you wear my outfit ? :D

Friday, July 3, 2015

California Gurls

Hello sweeties,
Oh, yes, it definitely feels like California weather. So hot that you can't breathe during noon ! But I'm not complaining, I totally love this weather and hope it lasts forever <3
I had a crazy idea to do a cute outfit, featuring my lovely top from Chicwish and TOMTOP cat satchel ! I had this green skirt since a long time from a set, but I don't remember the name lol.
Hope you like my hairdo as well :D

What I wore:
- Chicwish top ( find it here)
- Skirt (from I forgot lol)
- La Halle shoes
- TOMTOP cat satchel ( find it here)

So, this is my lovely cute outfit proposition for today. :D
Would it be something you'd wear ? :D
Thank you for visiting my blog and don't forget to leave a comment with your honest opinion ^^

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Urban Pocahontas

Hello sweeties,
I've finally got some free time on my hands after a busy day. I went to see and interview a great designer of Belgium, Daria Gora, the brains and style behind the brand From Warsaw, so yeah, I'll have a great post this weekend hopefully :)
As I was meeting a great designer I wanted to dress up stylish, but still keeping my childish self haha. 
But the outfit will be posted tomorrow cause today I have a great outfit to share with you and it's ...yep, still boho style! :D Sorry, I'm going crazy about this trend cause I love it so much !
My beautiful dress from Dresslink fits right perfect with my "boho needs", making a great summer dress as well. I did a cool hairdo, braided hair obviously and added some neat hair ties from Kitsch, which are amazing. In the jewelry area, nothing worked better than these super cute earrings from Les étoiles de Lily, available at Lili Shopping ! 
All in all an urban Pocahontas look ....

What I wore:
- Dresslink dress ( find it here)
- Zara bag and sandals
- Kitsch hair ties (find them here)
- Les étoiles de Lily 18K gold plated earrings ( available at Lily Shopping)

So, how did you find the look? Hope you like it even though it's another boho-mode-activated outfit haha :D