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Vente Pa' Ca

Hi guys, Thank you so much for the support the other day! My little bunny started eating. He's still very groggy, but def going for recovery. Hope he'll be normal soon. Moreover, I'm back with a brand new ootd that I just know you'll love :). We are having some sunny days over here, but the north wind is still kinda chilly.  My look is just perfect for this weather and I'm sure you'll enjoy it as much as I did.

What I wore: - Zara jacket - Love of Queen dress - Gatta tights - River Island shoes -Forever21 bag

Now how do you like this?
Hope I'll be back tomorrow with a new look ! 

Kisses, R.

Justin B.

Hello sweeties, I just had the most long and horrifying day today ! A few days ago, I noticed that my pet rabbit's teeth were very long so I decided to go to the vet and had them shortened. During my meeting this morning, he suggested to take them out cause they were too deviated, so, of course, once every few months I had to return to the vet so he can redo them. I was soooo stressed (and still am) cause I had to leave my little one there for surgery. Now I'm at home with him, but he's still a bit "out" from the tranquilizers.. 😩😩 it hurts me so much to see him like this ! He's like everything to me and I wouldn't bare the thought of loosing him !  So taking some steam off and trying not to think so much 💣.. that's why I would prefer to share with you guys a brand new outfit so I can take my mind of my curent problems. What do you say? A little support ? 💘

What I wore: - Mr.GUGU& Miss GO sweatshirt  - Botkier bag - Guess jeans
I cannot recall f…

A bible of mermaid pictures

Hello sweeties, As you can tell from my post's title, I'm a big fan of Sofia Karlberg. Her voice is just so goddess like ! It has also inspired me to create this look today ! I'm super crushing over this dress, it's simply amazing !  I bet this is a look you'll def fall for ^^

What I wore: - Zaful dress - Zaful earrings - Asos shoes - Botkier bag

Really hope you like the look, sweeties ! Let me know your thoughts below xoxo

Kisses, R.


Hello sweeties, I really hope you are having a great week. I had to shoot my look today and I just can't wait to hear your thoughts on the outfit. It's a rather casual spring look, so nothing out of the ordinary ( ok, maybe just that gorgeous shirt and them heels). I really love these seasons ( spring and summer) mainly because I love playing with colors, it's so cool, right?

What I wore: - Chicwish shirt - 3Suisses jeans - Zara shoes - Blanco bag

So, what do you think? :)
Kisses, R.


My Anaconda don't...My Anaconda don't ... 🐍🐍 .... Who else is a Nicki Minaj fan?💁💁I have to admit that I really do like most of her songs and her particular style, so today's look will be inspired by her craziness 💘 This hood/badass outfit has me all fired up and ready to go on a stroll around the city !  Hope you like it too:

What I wore: - Zaful hoodie - Public Desire boots - 3Suisses satchel bag - Zaful cap
So, what do you think? I still have to search the link for the wig cause I forgot where it came from. Anyway, hope you have a great week ahead ! 
Kisses R.

I'd rather be sleeping

Hello sweeties, I really hope you enjoyed this weekend. I didn't even got out of bed yesterday lol. Actually, I'm doing a TVD marathon and I'm so happy I don't have a good memory cause that way I can enjoy all over again my fave TV series :). As you can imagine, I have prepared a new outfit post for you today ! It's quite chic and perfect for say 17 degrees temperature.

What I wore: - Love of Queen sweatshirt  - Urban Outfitters skirt - Botkier bag - Asos shoes

So, what do you think? Isn't this a super cute look? Kisses, R.