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Black to pearls

Hello sweeties, I just cannot believe Brussels and its chaotic infrastructure ! Today is normally the last day of vacation, yet, workers are starting just now to repair streets and blocking traffic ! Didn't they have all summer to do that? Like when people are in vacation so you will not annoy each and every person ?! I don't know who is in charge, but they're doing a crappy job really...the street that I live in is a one way street, a busy street so add a construction site right in the middle and see what happens ! 😣 Anyway, before my head explodes, I would like to bring you today's outfit post !  Since it's the last day of the month, I thought I'd do a really cute look, all dressed up ^^

What I wore: - Sammydress jacquard dress  - Monique Lhuillier shoes - LightintheBox pearl purse

So, how do you like the look, sweeties? Would it be something you'd like to wear ? The dress is super cute, but do pay attention to the description. For me, it was a little bit t…

No one else

Hi guys, I woke up on a more Fall note than yesterday, experiencing some heavy rain in the morning... it's so unusual how one day can be as hot as 31C and the next you can have 12C less with rain. These temperature fluctuations are quite tiring and it makes me think of a long vacation on an island somewhere... For the moment I'm a bit stuck in Brussels and it's not until the end of the year that I can go on a well deserved vacay... I so can't wait !  Anyway, to indulge the bitter taste of Fall, I have a super cool outfit post for you ! Now, you know how I absolutely love bandage dresses, so imagine my excitement in finding this baby at CHICUU

What I wore: - CHICUU bandage dress - March 23 sandals - New Look clutch 
So, how do you feel about this cute look? I think it's quite magnificent !  Btw, at CHICUU you have 35% off your first order + free shipping ^^
Kisses, R.


Hello sweeties, Yesterday I went out testing some perfumes and I don't know which one got stuck with me that I can still sense it on me. It's such an intense perfume and the fact that I don't know which one is it, it's killing me ! Does this ever happen to you? As well as the fact that the perfume testers exposed are always so much better than the perfume itself?! It's crazy ! Anyway, I'm back with a new outfit post for you today that I just know you'll love ! I've been digging this skirt on top of a long shirt trend for awhile now and I'm so happy I got the chance to try it for myself

What I wore: - Zaful stripe shirt - Zaful skirt - Zaful lace bra - JollyChic bag - Sam Edelman sandals

Really hope you like the look, sweeties ! Oh, I'm so happy being able to share more looks with you lately ^^
Kisses, R.

Felices los 4

Hello sweeties, Before I go to bed, I would love to share another awesome look that I'm too eager and impatient to keep until tomorrow ^^ I see this look very latino, cute and not to mention something that you can wear every day ! It made me think of Maluma's song; you probably figured that out from the blogpost's title.

What I wore: - RoseGal front knot floral blouse - RoseGal embroidered crossbody bag  - Steve Madden sandals found at Maison-Lab 
What do you think about the look, guys? Isn't it just so fab?
Kisses, R.

5 star Michelin

Hi sweeties, Monday is here ! As usual, the construction site besides my house was awoken me well in the morning as it does every single day for the last 6 months ! 😒 I swear I'll be a sleep depraved person soon... Anyway, I'm back this noisy morning with a brand new outfit post ^^

What I wore: - RoseGal mini dress - Steve Madden sandals from Maison-Lab - JollyChic bag

I would advise taking the dress a size down as for me it was quite big !  Hope you like the outfit post and I'll be back really soon with more street style looks ^^
Kisses, R.

Chronicles of a sunny day

Hey sweeties, It may be late, but before going to bed, I just had to share with you these super cute pics I did today ! It's been a really sunny afternoon and as I really love sunbathing, I thought I'd turn it to a photoshoot as well? Ever since Zaful made it possible to mix and match bikini tops with bottoms, I feel I have to buy everything lol. I'm an XS (S for Zaful) in top and S (actually M in Zaful sizing ) in bottom. So I put these two pieces together, trowed in a knit overall for summer and there you have it, a great look that I'll be def wearing on my trip this December too.

What I wear: -Zaful bikini top - Zaful bikini bottom - Zaful knit cover up
Really hope you had a cool day as well ! I'm really enjoying these last summer days.. aren't you?
Kisses, R.

It's Sunday. Chill !

Hello sweeties, I woke up some moment ago and as you probably saw, I really took advantage of my weekend lol. It's so nice when you meet new people and especially if they're not tied up ! I met a very nice gal the other day and she introduced me to her friends and it was so nice just hanging out like I haven't done in a long time. So it's Sunday and the only thing good about tomorrow ( but at the same time bad) is the GOT series finale... I feel so betrayed that they let me wait more than an year for 7 freaking episodes. That's just soooo not enough... apparently the next season will start in Sept 2018, so I'll probably have amnesia until then... Anyway, as I said, it's still Sunday so good vibes all the way...especially with my new outfit which just screams " holiday" :)


What I wore: - Zaful t-shirt - Gamiss pants - Dolce Vita sandals - RoseGal straw bag 

Really hope you love the look, sweeties !  I'll def be back tomorrow with more ^^

Kisses, R…